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Visitor safety information


Don’t turn your back on the ocean: this can cause serious injuries to your neck and back.  if you are in the water and a wave is approaching, dive under the wave instead of trying to jump over it.

What to do if you are stuck in a strong current: Swim with the current and never against it. The video advises that swimming against the current will tire you out and put strain on your body. It advises ocean goers to swim diagonally to the current, allowing their body to move with the tide. This will often bring you back onto the shore, to an area slightly down the beach.

Paddle boards can drift on windy days: “It’s best to get as low as possible when paddling back in to create a smaller wind profile with your body,” said Gomes. Snorkeling is strenuous: Although snorkeling is a popular tourist activity, it is a strenuous activity. The video advises anyone with pre-existing health conditions to refrain from getting into the water. Talk to lifeguards: Visitors are encouraged to speak to lifeguards at guarded beaches, who can provide information on current water conditions and safety tips to those venturing out. Finally, “When in doubt, don’t go out.”


In addition to ocean safety, visitors are also advised of safety conditions while hiking. The following items were highlighted in the educational video: Be aware of their surroundings: The video advises the hiking public to be mindful of the presence of rain clouds.

“Have an exit plan in mind when going on hikes and exploring waterfalls and natural pools,” as flash flooding can happen within minutes. Never cross fast flowing or rising water: The public is advised, “If you find yourself trapped by rising water, find the highest point possible, call for help, and most importantly, stay put.”

Before hiking: Always inform others where you plan to go. While hiking its a good idea to carry a flashlight, food and dry clothes; and wear sturdy footwear and bright clothing. Guidebooks can be misleading: “When following the instruction of guidebooks, be mindful that some of these places are dangerous and are often on private property.” Trails leading downslope can be slippery: “If you find yourself at the water’s edge and waves are breaking, be aware of the tide,” as it may change sweeping you or your belongings out to sea.

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